early covid face masks

Like everyone else during early covid, I was feeling crafty and masks were in short supply. A sewing machine and a pile of fabrics that had been gifted to me years earlier finally got some use. I grabbed a pattern from and got to work.

All these crazy kitty eyes with a side of trypophobia 

They turned out ok! Maybe a little large, but ok for me and my friends with big faces and beards. However, this was back when elastic was hard to come by, so I ended up sewing thin straps for them – and by sewing I mean cutting, folding, pinning, ironing, turning inside out these tiny little pieces of fabric… YUCK. Lesson learned: use elastic for thin straps.

Matt keeping it real with unicorns
Yves in one of my favorite fabric patterns.

Strap-angst aside, it was a fun project. It was my first time really using a sewing machine, and after a few false starts and some YouTube tutorials (like the gem below) I found it pretty easy.

this video… the narrator’s voice… perfection

Anyway, the internet is full of great resources for sewing but is pretty cool and has a few other projects I might try, like these amazing wrap pants. I could totally pull it off!